Anti Ragging Cell

Anti Ragging Cell

  • Anti-ragging Cell consists of senior faculty members.
  • Takes adequate measures for prevention of ragging.
  • Duties are allotted to the faculty members inside the premises that include hostels, canteen, parking places, different blocks, play grounds, buses etc.
  • Explains the students about the severity of punishments and the consequences likely to be imposed as per the government order.
  • The Anti-Ragging Cell in-charge shall take an appropriate decision, with regard to punishment or otherwise, depending on the facts of each incident of ragging and nature and gravity of the incident of ragging.

Members of Anti ragging cell

Sl. No Faculty Name Designation with Department
1 Dr.P.Saranya ASP-Agri
2 Mr. S.Vinoth AP-Aero
3 Mr.Y.Shantharam AP-Civil
4 Mr.M.Pandiyan AP - CSE
5 Mr.K.Giri AP - ECE
6 Dr. P.Suresh Kumar ASP - EEE
7 Mr.S.Kesavan AP - EIE
8 Ms. S.Latha AP - IT
9 Mr.V.Sugan AP - Mech
10 Dr.P.R.Kannan ASP - MAE
11 Mr.D.Prabhakaran AP - MCT
12 Mr.V.Dhanasekar AP – Maths
13 Dr. S.Sellakumar P- English

Members of Anti-Ragging Squad

Sl. No Name of the Faculty Designation - Department
1 Dr.M.Kannan HoD - CSE
2 Dr. R.Thanigaivelan HoD - MECH
3 Prof.S.Raju HoD - IT
5 Dr.T.Jesudas HoD - MCT
6 Dr.Jayakumar HoD - MCA
7 Dr.P.Saravanan HoD -MAE
8 Dr.P.Saranya HoD - AGRI
9 Dr.C.Dhavamani HOD - AERO
10 Dr.K.Vidhya HOD - CIVIL

Anti-Ragging Committee and Anti-Ragging Squad