The objective of the Grievance Cell is to develop an approachable and accountable attitude among all the stakeholders in order to maintain a harmonious educational atmosphere in the institute.

Mechanism and composition of grievance redressal system:
  • A grievance redressal committee will review all cases and will act accordingly as per the Management policy.
  • The report of grievance committee is forwarded to the Principal for further action
  • The corrective measures are taken and recorded in the register.
  • Maintain reports on Actions taken on the complaints registered.
  • The complaints made by the students / staff regarding the amenities / facilities are to be brought to the notice of the higher authorities.
  • Maintain a harmonious atmosphere in the campus with a feel of concern and sense of belonging.
  • Issues related to general problems in the campus / hostel are brought to the notice of this committee and to be recorded.

Members of Student’s Grievance Redressal / Appeal Committee

Sl.No Faculty Name Designation with Department
Prof.K.K.Selvam - Coordinator
1 Ms. V.Poonguzhali AP-Agri
2 Ms.T.Mythili AP-Aero
3 Ms.S.Mohan AP-Civil
4 Ms. N.Radha ASP - CSE
5 Ms. D. Chitra ASP - ECE
6 Dr. S.Sumathi ASP - EEE
7 Mr. C. Mathan AP - EIE
8 Ms. K.Radha AP - IT
9 Mr. R. Prabhu AP - Mech
10 Dr.P.R. Kannan AP - MAE
11 Mr.J.Dinesh Kumar AP - MCT

Women’s Grievance Redressal Cell

Women Grievance Cell is formed for speedy redressal of any complaint or issues related to women staff. The cell examines complaints of gender bias pertaining to the female staff members and students. Take necessary remedial measures. It aims to eensure safe and healthy working environment for the female employees and the students by Women’s empowerment coordinator. Table 10.13 shows the member of Women’s Grievance Redressal Forum.

Member of Women’s Grievance Redressal Forum
Sl. No Name of the Faculty Position Phone Number Email ld
1 Dr.S.Umamaheswari Chairperson 8825569692
2 Dr.C.Dhavamani Member 9443099759
3 Dr.K.Vidhya Member 9842022047
4 Dr.P.Saranya Member 9003376234
5 Dr.S.Sumathi Member 9443745077
6 Dr.Prema Member 9944309041
7 Dr.Neela Madheswari Member 9789118742
8 Prof.KJayanthi Member 9444745325
9 Dr.D.Chitra Member 9894450495