The department of physical education is housed in the indoor stadium. It headed by the physical director Mr.K. Mani a postgraduate in physical education, assisted by the physical director Mr.R. Moorthy a postgraduate in physical education and Ms.S.Nirmala physical directress a postgraduate in physical education, take care of the girl students.

The indoor games like Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Carom, Volleyball, Table Tennis are played in a well maintained room add to the physical education department .The indoor stadium established at accost of Rs1.5 cores is an asset attraction for the playing community .

The indoor stadium has good lighting facilities and the gallery can accommodate about 2500 students.  A wooden floor is laid for badminton, basketball, volleyball. Enough rooms are available for the accommodation of players .it is proposed to construct a Multi Gym for both boys and girls in the indoor stadium.

The play ground measures 2.17lakh sq.feet and accommodates basketball courts ,ball badminton courts ,football fields ,cricket ground ,kho-kho court ,Kabaddi court , handball court , hockey field , volleyball court and well laid 400 m standard track which all fall outdoor games .

The boys and girls who join this college are selected for the different outdoor and indoor games based on their earlier exposure at school level .the new players for the various sports and games are picked up by the interest evidenced by the them in sports activities.

The selected students are given rigorous training and coaching by the physical education department a part from few theory classes to enlighten them about the rules of the games. The management procures in consultation with department the entire essential play materials, which is under is the custody of the department for instant use by the students.

Our students have bagged good winning records at the inter- department, inter - collegiate, university and national levels .the achievements of players have been classified on the basis of sports games.

The students practicing various sports and games are given routine physical exercises over and above the yoga and meditation which strengthen the concentration and contribution of the players.

Multi-gym and open-gym activities take place in the boy’s hostel under the supervision of the physical education department. The girl’s hostel has got the latest fitness health zone equipment for the usage of the inmates.

The physical education department strives hard to bring out the innate talents of all players, which is the goal and the also the quality policy of the college.

Outdoor Games

1 Athletics
2 Ball Badminton
3 Basket Ball
4 Cricket
5 Football Field
6 Hand Ball Court
7 Hockey Field
8 Kho-Kho Court
9 Kabaddi  Court
10 Volley Ball Court

Indoor Games

1 Badminton
2 Basketball
3 Volleyball
4 Chess
5 Carom
6 Table Tennis
7 Multigym (Separate Gyms For Boys And Girls)

Zonal Achievements 2017-2018

S. No. Event name Position
1 Badminton ( Girls) Winners
2 Badminton Boys 3rd Place
3 Ball Badminton ( Girls) Winners
4 Chess (Boys) 3rd Place
5 Cricket (Boys) Runners
6 Football (Boys) 3rd Place
7 Hockey (Boys) 3rd Place
8 Volleyball (Boys) 3rd Place

Zonal Achivements 2016-2017

S. No. Event name Position
1 Badminton ( Girls) Winners
2 Badminton (Boys) 3rd Place
3 Ball Badminton ( Girls) Winners
4 Football (Boys) 3rd Place
5 Hockey (Boys) 3rd Place
6 Table Tennis ( Girls) 3rd Place

Zonal Achievements 2015-2016

S. No. Event name Position
1 Badminton ( Girls) Winners
2 Badminton (Boys) 3rd Place
3 Ball Badminton ( Girls) Winners
4 Ball Badminton (Boys) Runners
5 Chess (Boys) Runners
6 Hockey (Boys) Runners
8 Table Tennis ( Girls) Runners