About the Department

The Department of English plays a pivotal role in producing Engineers equipped with English language skills and soft skills which will help them to emerge successful in today's competitive world. The department is active in all the directions to fulfill the requirements of the stakeholders in terms of Communication Skills and Personality Development.

Programmes offered

Vision & Mission


  •  To enhance the language of students and prepare them to participate in the social platform confidently.


  • To train students to communicate effectively in English.
  • To prepare students for career and higher education
  • To encourage students to think deeply and to reflect on what they have learned.
  • To develope intellectual curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and writing.


  • To explore team learning options.
  • To develope LSRW skills.
  • To encourage students to think deeply and to reflect on what they have learned.
  • To encourage students to participate in Seminars, Paper Presentations and other competitions at the inter-collegiate level.


  • Improve the LSRW skills by giving relevant activities.
  • Develope strategies to make more transparent to students the connection between skills developed in the curriculum and workplace applications.
  • Make the students to know minimum five new words everyday to improve their English vocabulary.


  • Enhance Communication Skills of the students.
  • Make the students strong in blended learning methodology
  • Create an excellent support staff structure and regularly upgrade their competencies.


Advisory Committee

Board of Studies

Board of Studies Members: R2022

S.No Name Designation
1 Dr.J. Kavitha
Professor & Head
Department of English
Mahendra Engineering College
2 Dr.S. K. Muthukumar
Associate Professor
Department of Physics
IRTT, Erode
Anna University Nominee
& Subject Expert- Physics
3 Dr.M. Kannan
School of Humanities & Science
SASTRA University
Subject Expert-Mathematics
4 Dr. V. Rajasekaran
Associate Professor          
School of Social Sciences & Languages
VIT University
Subject Expert-English
5 Dr. K. Rajendra Kumar
Associate Professor
Chemistry Division
School of Advanced Sciences
VIT University
Subject Expert-Chemistry
6 Prof. P. Dhanakodi
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
Mahendra Engineering College
7 Dr. T. Shanmugavel
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Physics
Mahendra Engineering College
8 Mr. K. Shanmugam
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
Mahendra Engineering College
9 Prof. M. Durairaj
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
Mahendra Engineering College
10 Mr. V. Dhanasekar
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
Mahendra Engineering College
11 Mr. M. Gunasekeran
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
Mahendra Engineering College
12 Dr. V. Sangeetha
Associate Professor
Department of English
Mahendra Engineering College


   English Language Lab aims at facilitating the learning of English language as skill based and to hone the fundamental skills like Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing of the students. Equipped with the modern device of latest technology like Teacher and Student Consoles, Headphones, Audio-Visual Aids etc., The Language Laboratory exposes the students to English language and provides them various opportunities to speak, comprehend and apply English language effectively. E-Class Software is installed to enrich students’ Vocabulary and Professional Presentation. It provides English teaching content in three levels i.e. Basic, Intermediate and Advance, in which we provide two consoles; Teacher console and Student console. In Teacher console one can assign exercises, exams, and view results and in Student console one can log in and study as well as practice exercises. The emphasis is laid on learning the correct pronunciations, stress patterns, intonation and accent to confront interviews and group discussions for various jobs and higher studies. English Language Lab helps the students to build their confidence and proficiency in the language.

   The Dept. of English houses a full-fledged Language Laboratory which lab has the e - Class SW. This product offers an assortment of functions such as Recording, Student Monitoring, Teacher/Student Call, Group Conferencing, and so on. The main console is associated with 100 computers which have been extraordinarily intended for for student-teacher interaction, and more prominent fixation for language learning. The Language Laboratory is utilized to enhance the LSRW skills of the students through various language software developed by pioneer companies. Lessons and activities are assigned on regular basis so that the learners are exposed to a variety of Listening and Reading. Students who need to pay extra care in developing their communication skills and those who want to boost up their confidence and succeed in interviews and competetive examinations make use of this Communication Laboratory.


  • English Mastery (Alania Series)
  • Active Grammar 1,2 & 3 (Cambridge)
  • Being Interviewed (train2success)
  • Cambridge-GD
  • Telephoning in English (Cambridge)
  • English in Mind 1,2 & 3 (Cambridge)
  • Face2face – 3 levels (Cambridge)
  • Murphy’s Grammar (Cambridge)
  • Complete IELTS (Cambridge)
  • Pronunciation Power 1 & 2
  • Business Vocabulary – 3 levels (Cambridge)
  • Professional Presentation

Faculty & Staff

S.No Faculty Designation Qualification
1 Dr.J.Kavitha Professor & Head M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
2 Dr.V.Sangeetha Professor M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
3 Dr.M.Balaganapathy Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
4 K.Hemalatha Assistant Professor M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil.
5 T.Manivasagam Assistant Professor M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil.
6 S.Sakthivel Assistant Professor M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil.
7 K.Alamelumangai Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil., M.Ed.
8 P.N.Prabu Assistant Professor M.A., D.T.Ed., M.Phil.
9 G.Porchelvi Assistant Professor M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil.
10 P.Revathi Assistant Professor M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil.
11 R.Suresh Assistant Professor M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil.
S.No. Name of the Author(s) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Month and Year of Publication ISSN
1 Dr.J.Kavitha "Struggle for Existence " International Journal of English Language, Literature in Humanities, Volume 5, Issue XI November, 2016 2321-7065
2 Dr.J.Kavitha "Voice of the Voiceless through the Voice of  Mulk Raj Anand in Coolie" Research Journal  of English Language and Lirterature, Volume 5, Issue 1 Jan- March ,2017 2395-2636
3 Dr.J.Kavitha "Necessity of Communicative Language Teaching" Bodhi International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Science, Volume 2, Special Issue 9 Mar-18 2456-5571
4 Dr.V.Sangeetha "Story Telling as a Strategy to Improve Speaking Skills" Bodhi International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Science, Volume 2, Special Issue 9 Mar-18 2456-5571
5 Dr.V.Sangeetha "African American Theatre: A Tool to Re-Assess Human Values" International Journal of Trend in Research and Development, Special Issue (IHVLE-18) Mar-18 2394-9333
6 Dr.S.Sellakumar "Communicative English in India: Scopes for Improvement" Bodhi International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Science, Volume 2, Special Issue 9 Mar-18 2456-5571
7 Dr.J.Kavitha "The Wickedness of Class System" (From the select novels of Mulk Raj Anand) International Journal of English Language, Literature in Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 8 Aug-18 2321-7065
8 Dr.V.Sangeetha "Madame Neilsen: A Missionary to Visionary Matriarch in Lorraine Hansberry's Le Blancs" Language in India, Volume 18:12 Dec-18 1930-2940
9 Dr.J.Kavitha "English- The Key Passport for Success" International Journal of English Language, Literature in Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 8 Aug-19 2321-7065
10 Dr.V.Sangeetha "Bakhtin's Theory of Chronotope in Literary Works" Research Journal of English, Volume 4, Special Issue 2 Aug-19 2456-2696
11 Dr.J.Kavitha "Mulk Raj Anand- The People- Centric Writer" INFOKARA RESEARCH, Volume 9, Issue 2 Feb-20 1021-9056
12 Dr.V.Sangeetha "Theatre: A Social Barometer for African Americans Activism" International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research, Volume 9, Issue 4 (2) Apr-20  
13 Dr.J.Kavitha "Need for New Strategy in Teaching English as a Second Language" The International Journal of Analytical and Experimental Model Analysis, Volume XII, Issue VII Jul-20 0886-9367
14 Dr.V.Sangeetha "Digital Learning: Strengths And Challenges" NIU International Journal of Human Rights, Volume 8, Issue VIII May-21 2394-0298
15 Dr.V.Sangeetha "Disharmony between Tradition and Modenity in Shashi Despande's Select Novels" Kalyan Bharati, Volume 36, No.6 2021 0976-0822
16 Dr.J.Kavitha "Efficiency Without English is a Deficiency" Research Journal of English Language And Literature, Volume 9, Issue 4 (Oct-Dec) 2021 2395-2636
17 Dr.V.Sangeetha "Significance of Teaching English through E-materials" Journal of the Oriental Institute, Volume 71, Issue 02, No. 9 (Jan-June) 2022 0030-5324
18 Dr.J.Kavitha "Mulk Raj Anand’s Voice for Downtrodden in THE ROAD" Journal of Xi’an University of Architecture & Technology, Volume XIV, Issue 12 2022 1006-7930
19 Dr.V.Sangeetha "Enhancing English Proficiency of Vernacular Medium Students at College Level" Madhya Bharti Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol. 82, No. 2 (July- December) 2022  
20 Dr.J.Kavitha " Societal Awareness in Imayam's  "Beasts of Burden" Journal of Xi’an University of Architecture & Technology, Volume XV, Issue 1 January, 2023 1006-7930
S.No Name of the Supporting Staff Qualification


More than 600 first year students are appearing for NPTEL online examinations on Better Spoken English.


Short-Term Courses


Seminars, Conferences & Workshops conducted through Professional Societies

Events organized in last three academic years:
S.No Type of Events Date Name of the Events
1 Guest Lecture 07.12.2018 English Learning Made Easy and Joyful
2 One Day Seminar 25.01.2019 Secret of Joyful English Language Learning
3 Poetry Competition 21.03.2019 World Poetry Day Celebration
Competition on Poetry Writing -“Mother”
4 Awareness Programme 02.08.2019 Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
5 Webinar 25.05.2020 Written Communication Skills
6 E-Quiz 26.06.2020 to 28.06.2020 English Language Competence
7 FDP 07.10.2021 to 09.10.2021 Enrich Your English
8 Webinar 11.10.2021 Universal Human Values
9 National Webinar 11.11.2021 The Importance of Education
10 Webinar 16.12.2021 Human Values and the Value of Humans
11 Quiz Competition 08.02.2022 to 09.02.2022 &
08.03.2022 to 09.03.2022
Quiz and JAM (Impromptu Speech) Competition
12 Webinar 13.05.2022 Innovation and Creative Writing
13 Motivational   Programme 08.12.2022 Women and Self - esteem
14 Contest on Creative Thinking 13.02.2023 &14.02.2023 Creative Thinking
(Story Telling and Poetry Writing)

English Literary Club

Guest Lecture on “English Learning Made Easy and Joyful” Academic Year 2018-2019

   The English Literary Club organized a one day Guest Lecture programme on English Learning Made Easy and Joyful on 7-12-2018. The resource person Dr.H.Abdul Hadi clarified how communication skill in English inspires confidence, developes distinct personality, fetches job opportunities, brings better inter-personal relationship and builds respect. He stressed the importance of learning LSRW skills and advised students to make use of the technological big boon, usage of applications like Speaking Pal, Talk English fluent. The programme helped the first year students to gain knowledge on how to enhance English communication skills through various resources.

Department of English English Literary Club One Day Seminar on “Secret of Joyful English Language Learning” Academic Year 2019-2020

   A one-day seminar on Secret of Joyful English Language Learning was conducted on 25.01.2019. Dr. K. Vincent Shobana, an Expert in Linguistics was invited to be the resource person of the seminar. She stressed upon the importance of learning and explained why survival is impossible without English. She suggested a technique called JAM. It is 'Just a Minute' practice to learn English. She concluded the seminar saying that one should have the determination to learn English and break all odds to learn it.

An Awareness Programme on “Cleanliness is Next to Godliness” Academic Year 2019-2020

   English Literary Club of Mahendra Engineering College (Autonomous) conducted an Awareness Programme on Cleanliness titled Cleanliness is Next to Godliness (A part of Prime Minister's Swachh Bharat Mission) at Gandhi Kalvi Nilayam High School, Thengalpalayam, Namakkal Dt. on August 2, 2019.

   With the motivation of the Principal Dr.R.V.Mahendra Gowda and Dean, Dr.V.Shanmugam Dr.J.Kavitha, Professor & Head, Department of English organized the event along with the seven faculty members of the department, Student President, Vice-President, Secretary and Members of the Club. The team demonstrated the importance of cleanliness and good habits for hygienic environment. The elementary level school children participated in the programme very enthusiastically and benefitted a lot. They also exhibited their talents interestingly through dance and speech. At the end of the programme, the club members distributed stationery items and eatables as compliments to the students. The school Headmaster thanked the Faculty members and student members for conducting this awareness programme in their school.

Webinar on Written Communication Skills Academic Year 2019-2020

   To enrich students’ knowledge in digital learning and improve writing skills, Department of English organized a Webinar on “Written Communication Skills” on 25-05-2020. Dr. S. B. Lavanya, Assistant Professor Department of English and Foreign Languages, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur, Chennai was the Resource Person of the Webinar. In this, she explained about the ‘Report Writing and its types’ which is essential for written communication. The session was very much interactive and students participated with great interest. An excellent feedback was given by the participants. The total number of students participated and benefitted was 88. Digital Appreciation Certificate was issued to all the participants.

E-QUIZ Academic Year 2020-2021

   Department of English through English Literary Club conducted an E-Quiz on English Language Competence to examine the proficiency of participants English Language from 26-06-2020 to 28-06-2020. The questions for this E-Quizwere taken from different topics like Relative Pronoun, Sentence Completion, Gerund, Tenses, Idioms, Synonyms, Phrasal Verbs, Cloze Reading, Collocation, Cause and Effect Expression, Adjective, Infinitive, Subject Verb Agreement, If Clause & Reported Speech which are commonly asked in most of the competitive examinations. The quiz was very much interesting and useful to the participants from various categories like Students, Faculty Members, Research Scholars, Business Analyst, Business Development Manager, Headmaster, Superintendent, BT Assistant, PG Assistant, Competitive Exam Preparing Students and Home makers. This E-quiz has also got National Level Participants who participated with great zeal. The total number of participants were 597 among which 298 has successfully completed their quiz. Participants who scored above 50% were appreciated with Digital Certificate.

Faculty Development Programme on “Enrich Your English” Academic Year 2021-2022

The main objective of a three- day FDP on ‘Enrich your English’ is to enrich English language skills of the faculty members.  It was conducted from 07.10.2021 – 09.10.2021.

Day 1:
   The Faculty Development Programme was started with the prayer song. It was followed by the Welcome Speech given by Dr. C. T. Sivakumar, IQAC Director and Executive Officer of Mahendra Engineering College. The importance of the programme was highlighted and felicitated by Dr. R. V. Mahendra Gowda, Principal, Mahendra Engineering College. The session started with the introduction given by Dr. J. Kavitha, Professor & Head, Department of English. She presented on the topic, Importance of Leaning English, which is essential in current scenario to achieve career success. Also, she elaborately explained on Commonly Confused Words with many examples. This topic helped the participants to get clear idea about the words which have same pronunciation or spelling or meaning. It was followed by a short video of Priyanka Chopra’s motivational speech on self-confidence.


The second session was about Polite Expressions which include how to greet, accept and decline invitation both formally and informally. The session was handled by Mrs.M.Revathi, Assistant Professor, Department of English. The session was interactive and the participants eagerly participated in the activity called Tongue-Twisters. This activity was given for pronunciation practice. They have tried some tongue-twisters to get right pronunciation and fluency.

Day 2:
   The first session was started with the topic Short Speech on Occasions which covered different speeches like how to give Welcome Speech, Felicitation, Chief Guest Introduction and Vote of Thanks. The participants were made clear about the topic by giving some templates to follow. An activity Creative Story Telling was given to the participants. They were divided into groups and asked to give name for it. Within stipulated time, they created beautiful stories with the moral ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. They enthusiastically demonstrated the story in front of the other groups to enrich their speaking skills.
The second session was about Telephone Etiquette, E-mail Etiquette and Online Forum Etiquette. It was explained by giving different formal and informal contexts for better understanding. The session was handled by Dr. V. Sangeetha, Associate Professor, Department of English.

   The day started with the learning of Common Errors. To identify error in a sentence, they were given a few sentences. To meet the new learning environment, digital games were also played namely Kahoot. The digital activities were given by Mr.T.Manivasagam and Mr.S. Sakthivel, Assistant Professors, Department of English, Mahendra Engineering College. Then Classroom Conversation Practice was given to all. Apart from that Situational Based Dialogues were also assigned to the participants in order to enrich their speaking skills.
The second session of the final day started with the motivational video of Dr.Sumitha Roy, a motivational speaker. To self-assess their listening skill, a listening activity was given. Then participants were asked to say three positive lines about their department faculty members. This helped to enhance their extempore speech. Later, assessment link was given to them to assess their learning in these three days. Feedback form was given to them and collected to know further suggestions. At the end, Valedictory function was arranged. The participants were happy to share their feedback. They suggested to organize such types of programmes in future also. Around 25 faculty members from various Departments actively participated and enriched their knowledge in English.

Webinar on Universal Human Values Academic Year 2021-2022

   A One Day Webinar on “Universal Human Values” is conducted jointly by the Department of ECE, English and Mathematics to enhance the moral values of students and faculty members on 11.10.2021. Dr. Shoba K.N. Assistant Professor, Department of English, Anna University was the Resource Person of the Webinar. In this, she emphasized the importance of living in harmony within oneself/family/society and nature and explained that the real purpose of education is cultivation of human values.  This webinar was very much interesting and inspiring to the participants and they gained various insights through this session. Nearly, 100 participants attended and received digital certificates for their active participation.

National Webinar on Importance of Education Academic Year 2021-2022


   National Webinar on Importance of Education was organized on 11.11.2021 to commemorate the celebration of National Education Day. Dr. T. Ravichandran, an Eminent Professor of English, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT, Kanpur was invited as the resource person. In this useful and informative programme, new perspective on education was highlighted and many examples were quoted to showcase the importance of growth mindset. Motivational stories were added for better understanding and clarity. The outcome of this beneficial webinar was how the application of technology in education helps to reach excellence in both personal and professional life.

Webinar on “Universal Human Values & Academic Year 2021-2022

   A Webinar on Human Values and the Values of Humans was organized as the motivational programme for the first year students. It provides a new perspective on the Human Life and its Values. It provides a new perspective on the Human Life and its Values. The Resource Person, Dr.V.Anbarasi, Associate Professor of English, Government Arts College of Salem-7, explained the definition of the human values and its major kinds like, Personal Values, Universal Values, Civic Values, and Spiritual Values etc. The participants gained the wide knowledge on human life and the ways on how to lead their life in a meaningful way. The Resource Person quoted old classical Tamil Verses and Thirukkural for better understanding of the concept.

Competition on Quiz and JAM Academic Year 2021-2022


   Department of English through English Literary Club conducted a Quiz and Just a Minute (JAM) English competition to assess the students English language skills. The competition was conducted separately for I year students (08.02.2022-09.02.2022) and II, III, & IV year students (08.03.2022-09.03.2022). In Quiz competition, questions were asked from Tenses, Idiom and Phrases, Synonyms and Antonyms, Common Errors and If Clause and for Just a Minute English, topics like ‘Honesty is the Best Policy’, ‘Importance of English Communication’ etc. were given to assess their speaking skills. The students were eagerly participated and completed their presentation within a minute. The prizes and certificates were awarded to the winners with appreciation, Around 100 students were participated in the competitions.

Webinar on Innovation and Creative Writing Academic Year 2021-2022


   Department of English associated with IIC organized a Webinar on Innovation and Creative Writing on 13.05.2022. In this useful and informative session, a new perspective on Creativity was highlighted. The Resource Person explained the topic clearly with more examples. He stressed that right use of imagination is Creativity and to stand unique, out of box thinking is needed. To make the session more interesting and meaningful, many activities related to creative writing were given. Around 150 I year students of Circuit Branches were participated and got benefitted.

A Motivational Programme on “Women and Self-Esteem”
Academic Year 2022-2023


    A motivational session for the First Year Girl Students had been arranged on to highlight the importance of Women and Self-esteem.  Dr. C. Dhavamani, Professor and Head, Department of Aeronautical Engineering vividly explained importance of self-discipline and attention towards academic activities. She also elaborated the hazards involved in over use of social media especially Whatsapp, Instagram, YouTube etc. with real life incidents in order to make the students understand the menace easily. The girls are instructed to be very careful always whoever they meet and they should follow the advice given by parents and teachers.
Dr. J. Kavitha Professor and Head, Department of English explained the importance of Self-esteem for women which impacts the decision-making process, relationships, emotional health and overall well-being. Further she insisted on stress management and its importance to reach the goal.  She advised the students to feel free to approach their faculty members in order to seek solution to the problems that haunt them. Also, she highlighted the safety measures for women initiated by the government. 

First Year Inauguration (2022-23)

   The inauguration of the first year students for the academic year 2022-2023 was planned for three days with three different luminaries as Chief Guests. The inaugural function started with invocation followed by lighting the lamp which instigated hopes and positive strength to young minds and their parents. Shri.M.G.Bharathkumar, Chairman in his Presidential Address warmly greeted the students and shared his words of wisdom. Thiru. Niranjan Bharati, the Chief Guest of the Day 1 enlightened the students with his thought-provoking speech.He elaborated the importance of self-analysis, goal setting and good friendship. The Day 2 Chief Guest, Dr. G. Gnanasambandam, Professor, Orator, Actor and Writer, inspired and enlightened the students with humorous, yet wise speech. He motivated the students to equip themselves efficiently in order to face the challenges of the current scenario. The chief guest of Day 3, Mr. Ramesh Praba, Educationist, Motivational Speaker and Career Guidance Expert illuminated the freshers with his power packed speech. He updated the students about the current skills required to place in top companies. He advised them to focus their goal right from the first year itself. Dr. Samson Ravindran, Executive Director, emphasized to inculcate various qualities in order to become good engineers as well as good citizens. He highlighted the importance of transforming the knowledge of engineering into the application for the benefit of the society. Dr.V. Shanmugam, Dean, presented the vision and mission, salient features and achievements of the institution. He highlighted the responsibilities of engineering students in society and the importance of effective communication skills. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Dr. N. Viswanathan, Head/ECE and COE of Mahendra Engineering College.

Contest on Creative Thinking - Poetry Writing and Story Telling (2022-2023)

    English Literary Club conducted a Contest on Creative Thinking (Poetry Writing and Story Telling) to bring out the students’ Creativity, Critical Thinking and Proficiency in English Language. The contest on Poetry Writing and Story Telling were conducted separately for both UG and PG students during 13th & 14th of February, 2023. Poetry Writing brought out the students’ hidden poetic skills and Story Telling helped them to create stories on their own with a social message. The students achieved in showcasing their talents in both the dimensions. This contest urged the curiosity of the students and enhanced their language in the means of thinking, writing and speaking. The trophies, books and certificates were distributed to the winners. Around 180 students were participated  in the contest and exhibited their talents.





Department of English

Mahendra Engineering College (Autonomous),

Salem- Thiruchengode Highway, Mahendhirapuri,



Ph. No : 04288 288575.