Electronics and Communication Engineering

About the Department

  • Established in the year 1995 with the intent of raising qualified Electronic Engineers and Researchers who can make substantial contribution to the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
  • Alumni strength of more than 2,000 and they are working in top MNCs across globe.
  • Twenty five percentage of faculty members having Ph.D., qualification
  • Recognized as Research Centre by Anna University, Chennai, Tamilnadu.
  • Government and industry sponsored projects
  • Publication in IEEE/ Scopus indexed Journals
  • DST-FIST Supported department
  • Consultancy work and social interactions
  • Industry sponsored laboratories
  • Specially designed skill development programmes with support of industrial experts
  • National and international conferences and courses
  • Placement in core companies (Jasmine info tech, Info view, IBM, Amazon, )
  • Various technical clubs such as embedded system design club, signal processing club, circuit design club and image processing club have been actively functioning to impart specialized knowledge and skills to the students in diverse domains.

Programmes offered

  • B.E. - Electronics and Communication Engineering - 4 years
  • M.E. - Communication Systems - 2 years
  • Ph.D. - (Research Programme)

Vision & Mission


  • To provide competent electronics engineers and entrepreneurs to the industry and society through quality education


  • To impart technical education through effective teaching-learning process
  • To nurture the students technical expertise to provide appropriate solutions for societal needs
  • To promote innovation and research activities with a focus on excellence and innovation to meet global challenges
  • To enable students imbibe ethical and enterprising characteristics to become socially responsible engineers


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The graduates of Electronics and Communication Engineering will be able to

  • PEO1: Expertise on advanced Electronics Technologies to become Competitive
  • PEO2: Develop attitude towards research and innovation to provide sustainable solutions for Interdisciplinary issues and societal problems
  • PEO3: Communicate and manage resources effectively as Professional Team members and Entrepreneurs with ethical values.

Program Outcomes (POs)

Engineering Graduates will be able to:

  • Engineering knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.
  • Problem analysis: Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.
  • Design/development of solutions: Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.
  • Conduct investigations of complex problems: Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.
  • Modern tool usage: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.
  • The engineer and society: Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.
  • Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.
  • Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.
  • Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
  • Communication: Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
  • Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
  • Life-long learning: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

The students will demonstrate the abilities

  • To apply basic engineering concepts to design and implement a variety of systems in the domains of Signal and Image Processing, Communication and Networking, Embedded Systems and VLSI.
  • To enhance Technical Competence to solve real-world multidisciplinary problems in furtherance to Employability and Research Activities.
  • To provide Conducive Environment to apply students domain knowledge and expertise to transform innovative ideas into reality.

Advisory Committee

Department Program Advisory Committee (DPAC)

S.No Member Designation
1 Dr. N.Viswanathan Professor & Head, Department of ECE
2 Dr.M.N. Shanmukha Swamy Professor, Department of ECE
3 Dr.M.Muthuvinayagam Professor, Department of EEE
4 Dr.S.Umamaheswari Professor & Head, Department of EEE
5 Dr.M.Kannan Professor & Head, Department of CSE
6 Er.S.Rajkumar. JTO, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Salem
7 Er.J.Rajeshkumar Project Manager, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, Chennai
8 Dr.R.Vijayakumar Professor, Department of ECE
9 Dr.K.Manivel Associate Professor, Department of ECE
10 Dr.V.Ellappan Associate Professor, Department of ECE
11 Mrs.D.Chitra Assistant Professor, Department of ECE
12 Mr.V.Senthilkumaran Assistant Professor, Department of ECE

Board of Studies

Members of the Board of Studies

S.No. Name of the Member Communication Address of the members BoS Designation
1 Dr. N.Viswanathan Professor & HOD,
Department of ECE,
Mahendra Engineering College
2 Dr. M.Chandrasekaran Principal,
Government College of Engineering,
NH 46, Chennai Bangalore Highway,
Bargur, Krishnagiri - 635104
University Nominee
3 Mr.P.Chuinnadurai Sr. Project Leader
Jasmine InfoTech Pvt.Ltd
Velachery-Tambaram Road,
Pallikaranai, Chennai - 600100.
Industrial Expert
Dr. G.Murugesan Professor,
Department of ECE,
Kongu Engineering College,
Perundurai, Erode
Academic Expert
4 Dr.S.Sakthivel Murugan Associate Professor,
Department of ECE,
SSN College of Engineering, Chennai
Academic Expert
5 Dr. M.Suganthi Professor &HOD,
Department of ECE,
Mahendra College of Engineering,
Salem- 636 106
Academic Expert
7 Dr.M.N Shanmukha Swamy Professor,
Department of ECE,
Mahendra Engineering College
Academic Expert
8 Dr.P.Suresh Kumar Associate Professor,
Department of EEE,
Mahendra Engineering College
Academic Expert
9 Mrs.D.Chitra Assistant Professor,
Department of ECE,
Mahendra Engineering College
Academic Expert
10 Mr.V.Senthilkumaran Assistant Professor,
Department of ECE,
Mahendra Engineering College
Academic Expert
11 Ms.B.Soundriya First year Student,
M.E. Communication Systems,
Mahendra Engineering College

Board of Studies Meeting


Analog Electronics Laboratory:

Major Equipment

  • Analog and Digital IC trainer kits
  • DC To DC buck- boost converter kit
  • DC To DC fly back converter kit
  • 150W output power meter
  • Auto compute LCR Q-Meter
  • PRBS Generator
  • Motor speed control demonstration kit
  • Orcad Capture with PSPICE
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
  • Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes


  • Verification of electrical circuit theorems and laws
  • Frequency response of series and parallel resonance circuits
  • Design of amplifiers and oscillators using BJT, UJT and MOSFET
  • Design of multistage amplifiers
  • Design of power amplifiers
  • Design of customized electronic circuits
  • Design and analysis of various electronic circuits using simulation software


  • Analog Electronics Circuits Laboratory for second year ECE Students
  • Engineering Practices laboratory for all branch of engineering Students
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits Laboratory for third year mechanical students

Laboratory In-charges

  • Dr. R.Vijayakumar
  • Mr.G.Gopalakrishnan

Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits Laboratory

Major Equipment

  • Digital IC trainer kits
  • Digital Storage and cathode ray oscilloscopes
  • Function Generators
  • Single and dual mode regulated power supplies


  • Verification of logic gates
  • Design and implementation of Adder and Subtractor
  • Design and implementation of code converters
  • Design and implementation of Magnitude Comparator
  • Design and implementation of parity checker/ generator
  • Design and implementation of Multiplexer and De-multiplexer
  • Design and implementation of encoder and decoder
  • Construction and verification of ripple and mod counter
  • Design and implementation of synchronous up/down counter
  • Design and verification of any combinational and sequential digital circuits
  • Design and testing of Inverting, Non inverting and Differential amplifiers using IC741
  • Design and testing of Integrator , Differentiator and instrumentation amplifier
  • Design and testing of Active low pass, High pass and Band pass filters using IC741
  • Design and testing of Instrumentation amplifier using IC741
  • Design and testing of Astable & Monostable multivibrators and Schmitt Trigger using Op-amp
  • Design and testing of Phase shift and Wien bridge oscillators using Op-amp
  • DC power supply using LM317 and LM723
  • Design and analysis of Active low pass, High pass and Band pass filters using PSPICE
  • Design and analysis of DC power suppliers


  • Digital Electronics Laboratory for second year ECE Students

Laboratory In-charges

  • Dr.V.Ellappan
  • Mrs. N.Jayanthi

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory

Major Equipment

  • 8085 microprocessor trainer kit
  • 8086 Microprocessor kits
  • 8051 Microcontroller Kits
  • PC based control system
  • LVDT position control
  • Wireless data modem trainer kit
  • PLC trainer kit
  • DMA Controller
  • Motor speed control
  • Interfacing boards


  • Programming for arithmetic and logical operations using 8085,8086 &8051
  • Programming for memory based operations using 8085,8086 & 8051
  • Interfacing and Programming ADC & DAC
  • Interfacing keyboard and display
  • Interfacing and Programming of Stepper Motor
  • Interfacing and Programming of DC Motor Speed control
  • Programming for real time clock and stop watch
  • Communication between 8051 Microcontroller kit and PC
  • Interfacing Traffic light control using 8085,8086 & 8051
  • Programming for Parallel and serial Communication
  • Programming and Interfacing of Temperature monitoring
  • Programming and interfacing of electronic appliances


  • Microprocessors and microcontrollers laboratory for third year ECE students
  • Microcontroller Laboratory for third year MCT Students
  • Microprocessor and its applications laboratory for third year Mechanical students

Laboratory In-charges

  • Dr.R.Samson Ravindran
  • Mr.K.Kalaimaamani

VLSI Design and Signal Processing Laboratory:

Major Equipment

  • Texas TMS320C6748 Development Kits,
  • Digital media developer kit,
  • Video capture frame grabber
  • Real Time Image Processing Software
  • TMS320C50 Trainer Kits and Add-on Cards
  • Universal VLSI Trainer Kits
  • LAN Trainer Kits
  • Cadence
  • MATLAB software package
  • MATLAB Communication Tool Box
  • MATLAB Signal Processing Tool Box
  • MATLAB Image Processing Tool Box
  • MATLAB Wavelet Tool Box


  • Generation of various kinds of Signals
  • Convolution and sampling processes
  • Design of Digital Filters
  • Noise cancellation techniques
  • Various modulation and demodulation techniques
  • Implementation of Error Detecting Codes (CRC) and IP subnet
  • Design and simulation of combinational circuits
  • Design and simulation of sequential circuits
  • Design of traffic light controller using verilog HDL
  • CMOS Circuit design using SPICE (DC and transient analysis)
  • FPGA Implementation of adder and real time clock


  • Digital Signal Processing Laboratory for third year ECE Students
  • Signals and System Laboratory for second year ECE Students
  • VLSI Design Laboratory for third year ECE Students

Laboratory In-charges:

  • Dr.N.Viswanathan
  • Mr. M.Ravikumar

Communication Engineering Laboratory:

Major Equipment

  • Digital storage oscilloscope
  • Spectrum analyzer with tracking generator
  • Network analyzer
  • AM and FM Transmitter-receiver kits
  • Digital Modulation and Demodulation Trainer Kits
  • QPSK/DQPSK Modulation and Demodulation Trainer Kits
  • PCM Modulation and Demodulation Trainer Kits
  • Delta Modulation and Demodulation Trainer Kits
  • PAM, PWM and PPM Modulation and Demodulation Trainer Kits
  • GFSK /GMSK Modulator / Demodulator kit
  • FDM Transmitter/ Receiver kit
  • CDMA Mobile Communication Trainer kit
  • Linear Block codes, Hamming Code and Cyclic codes kits
  • Inter Symbol Interference (ISI) kit


  • Design and analysis of Amplitude modulation and Demodulation techniques
  • Design and analysis of Frequency Modulation and Demodulation techniques
  • Deign of various Pulse Modulation techniques like PAM, PDM and PPM
  • Deign of Pulse Code Modulation technique
  • Design of Delta Modulation and Adaptive Delta Modulation and demodulation
  • Design of various Digital Modulation & Demodulation techniques like ASK, PSK, QPSK, GFSK
  • Designing, assembling and testing of pre-emphasis / de-emphasis circuits
  • Design and analysis of digital transmitter and receivers


  • Communication Systems Laboratory for third year ECE Students

Laboratory In-charges

  • Dr. K.Manivel
  • Mr. M.Arunkumar

Embedded System Design and Computer Networks Laboratory:

Major Equipment

  • PIC18F4550 Microcontroller Development Board
  • ARM Microcontroller trainer kit
  • Stepper motor and DC motor drivers
  • Sensors (Float, Gas, LDR & Temperature (LM35)
  • GSM Module
  • GPS Module
  • Zigbee Tx & Rx module
  • Thermal printer
  • LAN trainer kits
  • Computer Network simulation software
  • HP Procurve Router

Experiment details

  • Programming for arithmetic and logical operations
  • Keyboard interface LED and LCD interfacing
  • Interfacing sensors with Microcontroller
  • Motor drive controls
  • Interfacing GSM module with Microcontroller
  • Interfacing Zigbee Transceivers with Microcontroller
  • Implementation of error detecting codes (CRC) and IP subnet
  • Implementation of Ethernet LAN protocol
  • Implementation of Token bus and token ring protocols and Wireless LAN protocols
  • Implementation of distance vector routing algorithm
  • Implementation of Data encryption and decryption
  • Design and analysis of customized network based on ISO / OSI reference model


  • Embedded System Design Laboratory for third year and final year ECE Students
  • Computer Networks Laboratory for third year ECE Students

Laboratory In-charges

  • Dr.S.Shamugha swamy
  • Mr. M.Shanmugam

Optical and Microwave Communication Laboratory

Major Equipment

  • Optical Fibre Trainer Kits
  • Optical Light Source
  • Photodiodes and photo detectors
  • Gunn Power Supplies
  • Klystron Power Supplies
  • Microwave active and passive Components
  • DSO and CROs


  • DC Characteristics of LED, LASER and PIN Diode
  • Study the characteristics of fiber optic analog and digital link
  • Study the mode characteristics of fibers
  • Study the characteristics of various microwave devices
  • Measurement of frequency, power measurement and VSWR
  • Computation of Directional coupler – Directivity and coupling coefficient
  • Antenna gain measurement


  • Optical and Microwave Laboratory for final year ECE students

Laboratory In-charges

  • Mrs. D.Chitra
  • Mrs. S.Saraswathi

Advanced Computing and Simulation Laboratory:

Major Equipment

  • Universal VLSI trainer kits
  • Spartan3 FPGA kit
  • Add-on card for VLSI Kit
  • Xilinx and other Software packages
  • ModelSim
  • Altera Quartus – II trainer kit
  • Universal VLSI Trainer Kit with piggy –back support Add on cards
  • FPGA Development Board Cyclone II With Add on Cards
  • Orcad capture with Pspice A/D software Oracd layout
  • Xilinx software with modelsim simulator
  • MATLAB Software with signal processing Toolbox


  • Transform based compression techniques
  • Antenna Radiation Pattern measurement.
  • Performance Evaluation of digital modulation schemes
  • OFDM transceiver design using MATLAB
  • Performance evaluation of Digital Data Transmission through Fiber Optic Link
  • Simulation of Audio Compression Algorithms
  • Performance Evaluation of Simulated CDMA System
  • Modeling of Sequential Digital system using VHDL and verilog
  • Modeling and Simulation of MOSFET and CMOS circuits using SPICE
  • Implementation of DSP algorithms using software package
  • Implementation of MAC Unit using FPGA
  • Design and Simulation of Gate-level and Switch-level modeling
  • Modeling and synthesis of simple scheduling algorithm
  • Design and implement reducing power consumption in memories
  • Design and simulate Power Estimation


  • VLSI and Simulation Laboratory for first year M.E VLSI Students
  • Communication System Laboratory for first year M.E Communication Students

Laboratory In-charges

  • Mr. V.Senthil kumaran
  • Mr. M. Gautham

Project laboratory

Major Equipment

  • Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
  • General purpose PCBs and necessary electronic components
  • Arduino and PIC microcontroller evaluation board
  • Embedded systems development boards
  • Micro C software tool
  • Necessary Simulation software
  • Personal computers with Internet facility

Laboratory In-charges

  • Dr. M.Madheswaran
  • Mr.K.Giri

Faculty & Staff

Sl. No Name of the faculty Designation Qualification
1 Dr. R. Samson Ravindran Prof. Ph.D
2 Dr.N.Viswanathan Prof. Ph.D
3 Dr.M.N.Shanmukha Swamy Prof. Ph.D
4 Dr.D.Chitra Asso. Prof. Ph.D
5 Dr.R.Vijayakumar Asso. Prof. Ph.D
6 Dr.K.Manivel Asso. Prof. Ph.D
7 Dr.K.Jothi Ramalingam Asso. Prof. Ph.D.
8 Dr.V.Ellappan Asso. Prof. Ph.D
9 Mr.V.Senthil kumaran Asst. Prof. M.E
10 Mrs.S.Saraswathi Asst. Prof. M.E
11 Mrs.N.Jayanthi Asst. Prof. M.Tech
12 Mr.K.Giri Asst. Prof. M.E
13 Mr.R.Ravikumar Asst. Prof. M.E
14 Mr.S.Shanmugam Asst. Prof. M.E
15 Mr.M.Arunkumar Asst. Prof. M.E
16 Mr.K.Kalaimaamani Asst. Prof. M.E
17 Mr.D.Karthick Raj Asst. Prof. M.E
18 Mr.M.Gautham Asst. Prof. M.E
19 Mr.C.Karthick Asst. Prof. M.E
20 Mr.G.Gopalakrishnan Asst. Prof. M.E
21 Mr.R.Mothi Asst. Prof. M.E
22 Mrs.A.Vijayalakshmi Asst. Prof. M.E
23 Mrs.P.Balashanmuga Vadivu Asst. Prof. M.E
24 Ms.S.Y.Dharani Asst. Prof. M.E
25 Mrs.G.Kavitha Asst. Prof. M.E
26 Mr.G.Gayathri Asst. Prof. M.E
Sl. No Name of the faculty No. of research publication
1 Dr. R. Samson Ravindran 26
2 Dr.N.Viswanathan 12
3 Dr.M.N.Shanmukha Swamy 45
4 Dr.D.Chitra 11
5 Dr.R.Vijayakumar 7
6 Dr.K.Manivel 11
7 Dr.K.Jothi Ramalingam 12
8 Dr.V.Ellappan 8
9 Mr.V.Senthil kumaran 6
10 Mrs.S.Saraswathi 8
11 Mrs.N.Jayanthi 7
12 Mr.K.Giri 3
13 Mr.R.Ravikumar 5
14 Mr.S.Shanmugam 2
15 Mr.M.Arunkumar 3
16 Mr.K.Kalaimaamani 1
17 Mr.D.Karthick Raj 2
18 Mr.M.Gautham 2
19 Mr.C.Karthick 1
20 Mr.G.Gopalakrishnan 4
21 Mr.R.Mothi 3
22 Mrs.A.Vijayalakshmi -
23 Mrs.P.Balashanmuga Vadivu 2
24 Ms.S.Y.Dharani -
25 Mrs.G.Kavitha 1
26 Mr.G.Gayathri -
Sl.no Name of the Supporting Staff Qualification
1 M.Manivannan D.E.C.E
2 P.Sivaraj D.E.C.E
3 P.S.Rajkumar D.E.C.E
4 C.Perumal D.E.C.E
5 M.Dhanapal I.T.I


Credentials of the Department

  • IITB – Remote centre for training the faculty members and students. Department has trained more than 350 faculty members and students in latest technologies though IIT, Bombay Remote Centre
  • Department is accredited by National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (NIELIT), New Delhi to provide technical knowledge and skill based training to the school students, diploma and degree holders
  • Department is recognized as Research Centre by Anna University, Chennai and produced more than 25 Ph.D. degree holders in last 4 years; More than 25 research scholars are currently involving in collaborative research and for pursuing Full Time / Part Time Ph.D / M.S. Degree.
  • 4 faculty members have been approved as research supervisor for guiding Ph.D /M.S candidates. in the last three academic years 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17.
  • 6 faculty members have completed Ph.D degree and 5 more faculty are pursuing in the last three academic years 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17.
  • More than 82 students and faculty members have been trained. 45 students passed Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) examinations and 05 students passed Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD) examinations conducted by National Instruments, Bangalore. Best Performing LabVIEW Academy for year 2017 won by our students and faculty members team
  • NPTEL Local Chapter is established for students and faculty members appearing for NPTEL courses online examinations
  • Established R & D centers for Image and signal processing, VLSI Signal Processing & Mixed Signal Design
  • Faculty members have published 2 Text Books and 181 Technical Papers in the last three academic years 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17.
  • Faculty members are Faculty Advisors of IEEE, ISTE & IETE (ISF) chapters. One faculty member won the best academic performer award – 2017 from IETE.
  • Undertaken students’ projects funded by Tamil Nadu State Council for Science & Technology, Chennai.
  • Our Students have undergone Internship in various Government / reputed Private Industries / Organizations.
  • Department organized two IEEE Conferences and published more than hundred quality technical research papers in IEEE Explore
  • IEEE hardware project design contests have been conducted frequently. Many intra/inter college students have been active participating and bagging cash prizes
  • Industry Standard training has been provided to more than 200 students in Electronic Circuit Designing using PSPICE Software in the last three years.
  • Three Centers of Excellence, namely Intel Intelligent Laboratory, Wipro Mission 10x Laboratory and Texas Instruments Analog IC Design Laboratory have been established in last three years and more than 1200 students have been benefited
  • All the students are undergoing skill development programmes like soft skills, communication skills, aptitude and logical reasoning , group discussions and technical interview skills


Wipro Mission10x Programme

  • Wipro Mission10X is an industry-academia collaboration program to align engineering student competencies with industrial needs
  • Wipro Mission10X enhances the Engineering attributes of the Engineering graduates through Project based learning. The initiative was aimed at deepening the industry-academia bonds and building a strong foundation for the future needs of both academia and the growing embedded industry
  • Various training programs are conducted for members of faculty members and students in WIPRO Mission 10X Technology Learning Centre (WIPRO MTLC).

Intel Intelligence program (Intel – FICE)

  • Intel Intelligence program has several program components weaved together to create needs of industry
  • Training programs are conducted continuously to our students and upon successful completion of training, certificates will be issued by Intel FICE
  • Carrier openings on embedded system industry are created and many students are placed in embedded system related industries by utilizing the resources available at the centre of excellence

Texas Instruments Analog IC Design

  • Texas Instruments Analog IC Design centre has been established in 2016
  • Students are trained for using TI analog ICs for various applications
  • Web based ICs design contents have been conducted frequently. Many students received award for active participation in the design contents
  • More than 180 students appeared online examinations and 6 students have been awarded for their excellent performance in the ICs contests.

Short-Term Courses

Short-Term & Value-Added Courses organized in the last five academic years :

S.No Name of the Short-Term Courses /Value-Added Courses Number of students benefited
1 Circuit Designing using PSPICE Software 280
2 CMOS, Mixed signal and radio frequency VLSI Design 55
3 Use of ICT in Education for Online and Blended Learning 50
4 AICTE approved FDP on ‘’Use of ICT in Education for Online and Blended Learning 50
5 Foundation Program in ICT for Education 50
6 Virtual Prototyping in PSPICE 120
7 Intel College Excellence Program on Arduino Platfrom 150


Seminars, Conferences & Workshops conducted through Professional Societies

Events Organized in the Academic Year 2018-2019
S.No. Type of  
Professional society Date Events Name Resource Person
1 MAILS IETE 9.3.2019 Job opportunities and latest tools in JAVA Plotform S.Bhuvaneswaran, assistant system Engineer, Jasmin infotech,chennai
2 Workshop IETE 9.3.2019 Workshop on cadence tools Dr.M.Shanmugakumar,7th horse technology, chennai
3 Seminar IETE 25.2.2019 Design of Innovative Projects and Evaluation Dr.S.Esakkirajan,Prof,ICE,PSG college of Technology
4 Guest Lecture ISTE 18.2.2019 Recent Trends in Antenna Engineering Dr.T.Shanmuganathan,AP,ECE,
Pondicherry university
5 C2DC – Project Contest IEEE 9.1.2019 Hardware Project Design Contest Dr.S.Maheswaran,ASP,ECE ,Kongu Engineering college,Erode
6 Seminar IETE 3.1.2019 Design and implementation of Electronic Projects Dr.K.Hariharan,ASP,ECE,Thiagarajar College of Engineering
7 Workshop IEEE 3.11.2018 to 7.11.2018 Smart City Micro acceleration Program Pradeep.G,National manager-Technical services,FICE ,Bangalore
8 FDP ISTE 31.10.2018-2.11.2018 Recent Trends in signal and image Processing Using LABVIEW Mr.G.Nagarajan,Senior Application Engineer, VI-solution ,Bangaloru
9 MAILS IETE 28.9.2018 Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Skills A.Santhosh kumar,CEO.First success Technology,salem
10 Workshop IETE 19.9.2018 Workshop on Hands on Training on Analog Electronics Mr.J.Thangaraj, Knowledege Electronics,salem
11 NIT/ IIT / AU lectures IETE 7.9.2018 Recent Trends in Nano Photonics Prof. T.Srinivas,ASP,EC,IISC,Bangalure. Prof.vabhav Meshram,prof,head,Dyanandha university
T.S.Indhumathi,Chair IEEE Photonic Society,Bangaluru.
12 Seminar IEEE 5.9.208-6.9.2018 MATLAB and Simulink  in Engineering Education Mr.Kazi Yaser Arafat S,Math work,Pune.
13 Workshop IEEE 30.8.2018-31.8.2018 Implementation of Image and Signal Processing using MATLAB Dr.M.Prabukumar, ASP,VIT,vellore
14 Seminar ISTE 28.8.2018 Emerging Trends in VLSI Design Dr.R.Sakthivel,ASP,VIT,vellore
15 Technical Training IETE 16.8.2018-21.8.2018 Raspberry pi with Python M.Malayappan,Director,Pantech prolab India Pvt Ltd,Chennai
16 Workshop IETE 7.8.2018,13.8.2018-14.8.2018 Three days Hands on Workshop on “MSP430 Microcontroller” C.Sathguru,Ensemble Technologies,Erode
17 Technical Training ISTE 10.7.2018-13.7.2018 Smart City Micro acceleration Program- Internet of Things Surender Kamar,National manager-Technical services,FICE ,Bangalore
18 FDLP IETE 2.5.2018 Insights and simulation in Electric circuits 1.S.Viayakumar,AP.EEE,MIT   2.G.Gopalakrishnan,AP,ECE,MEC  3.Balashanmuga Vadivu.P,AP,ECE,MEC
19 FDLP IETE 29.5.2018 Embedded Systems with Focus in Ardunio Platform 1.Dr.K.Manivel,ASP,ECE,MEC         2.P.Navaraja,AP,ECE,MIT       3.Karthick.C,AP,ECE,MEC       4.V.Senthilkumaran,AP,ECE,MEC   
Events Organized in the Academic Year 2017-2018
S.No. Type of Events Professional society Date Events Name Resource Person
1 Workshop IETE 05-03-2018 & 06-03-018 Raspberry pi programming with MATLAB and Simulink Mr.Manesh Murthi Sub Project Manager software,Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solution Private Ltd,Coimbatore
2 Workshop IETE 31-01-2018 & 01-02-2018 Troubleshooting of smart phones Mr.B.Krishna kumar Managing Director New Technology ,Coimbatore
3 Seminar IETE 10.01.18 Engineering in Medicine and Biology Mr.Shriram Duraisamy, Research Scholar, Singapore University of Technology and Design Singapore.
4 MAILS IETE 29.12.17 Opportunities in Software Industries Er. B.V.Rakesh Reddy, Senior Software Engineer, Tech Mahindra Ltd, Electronic City phase 2, Bangalore.
5 MAILS IETE 29.12.17 Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Skills

Er.A.Santhoshkumar CEO,First Success Technologies,Salem

7 MAILS IETE 26.12.17 Opportunities in core companies Ms.S.Deepika, Trainee Engineer, Jasmin Infotech Pvt Ltd ,Chennai
8 Seminar IETE 15.11.17 Current and Future initiatives to bridge Institute & Industry Dr.Shobha Rekh Professor/ECE Karunya University Coimbatore
9 Seminar ISTE 15.09.17 Insights of Software Engineering Mr.Haripratap Reddy, MD-Green Tree Tech Pvt Ltd,Chennai
10 Technical Training IETE 14.09.17 Key Insights of Python Dr.T.Senthilkumar Professor/ECE Amitha University,Coimbatore
11 Seminar IETE 11.09.17 Applications of Digital Signal Processing Mr.Moorthi Kanagaraj, Product Manager, Enthu Technology Solutions India Pvt.Ltd., Coimbatore
12 Workshop IETE 01.09.17 Training on Analog Electronics Dr.J.Thangaraj, Proprietor, Knowledge Electronics, Salem.
13 Technical Training IETE 11.08.17 Microprocessor &Microcontroller:Architecture,programming and system design of 8086&8051 Dr.Marimuthu, AP(Senior Gr), School of Electrical Engineering,VIT University Vellore
14 Seminar IETE 11.08.17 Job Opportunities and Latest Tools in JAVA platform Mr.K.Sivakumar, Programmer Analyst, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai
15 Workshop IETE 07.08.17 & 08.08.17 Internet of Things using ESP8266 M.Arunprakash Embedded Software Developer ArunEworld,Bangalore
16 Workshop IETE 31.07.17 Implementation of DSP in MATLAB Dr.T.Balakumaran, Professor/ECE,CIT Coimbatore
17 Technical Seminar IETE 24.07.17 Seminar on Introduction to Communication System and Evaluation of Digital Technology Dr.S.Sakthivel Murugan, AP/ECE, SSN College of Engineering Chennai
18 Seminar IEEE 07.07.17 Active optical remote sensing for NASA space based earth observations Dr.Upendra N Singh, NASA engineering and safety centre,NASA Langley research center, Hampton, Virginya,USA
19 Workshop IETE 21.06.17 Seminar on Keysight Education safari Mr.V.Rajkumar, Asst.manager, Mr.V.Saravanaprabhu, Application Engineer, Sinetec Tech,Coimbatore
20 Workshop NIELIT 08.06.17 09.06.17 10.06.17 FDP on IOT using Raspberry pi Mr.J.R.Suresh babu, Scientist ‘B’ NIEILT,Chennai
Events organized in the Academi Year 2016-2017
S.No. Type of Events Professional society Date Events Name Resource Person
1 Seminar ISTE 13.04.17 Analog Electronic Circuits Dr.N.Shanmugasundaram, HOD/ECE, MEC Mrs.D.Chitra,AP/ECE,MEC Dr.R.Vijayakumar, ASP/ECE, MEC.
2 Seminar IETE 03.04.17 Analog and Digital Communication Dr.N.Shanmugasundaram, HOD/ECE, Mrs.D.Chitra, AP/ECE, Mr.V.Senthilkumaran, AP/ECE, Mrs.N.Jayanthi, AP/ECE
3 Guest lecture IETE 06.03.17 Guest lecture on Medical Electronics Mr.G.L.karthik AP/Dept. of Biomedical Engg. Mahendra Inst. Of Tech, Namakkal
4 Conference IEEE 03.03.17 & 04.03.17 IEEE Conference on Emerging Devices and Smart Systems Dr.Manoj Sharma, Secretary, IEEE India SSCS chapter Shri.T.Pradeep, IIT Madras Research park, Chennai Dr.Karthikeyan Ramasamy, CTO,Teclever, Bangalore
5 Seminar IETE 01.03.17 Seminar Current Research in Internet of Things: Issues and Implementation Challenges Dr. Zubeir Izaruku Dafalla, Asst. Dean, Academic Affairs and Scientific College of Applied Sciences, Salalah, Ministry of Higher Education, Sultanate of Oman
6 Technical Seminar IETE 24.02.17 Technical Training in Digital Image processing Dr.S.Md.Mansoor Roomi, Assistant Professor, Department of ECE Thaigarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
7 Technical Seminar IETE 24.02.17 Technical Training in Signals and Systems Dr.P.G.S.Velmurugan, Assistant Professor, Department of ECE Thaigarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
8 Technical Training IETE 23.02.17 Insight of Control Systems Dr.M.Suganthi, Prof. /ECE Mahendra College of Engg., Salem
9 National Level Workshop IEEE 20.02.17 & 21.02.17 Recent Trends in Communication and Networking using CISCO Packet Tracer Dr.V.Jayaprakasan, Chairman, IEEE PSES (Madras Chapter) Asso.Professor / ECE, Sreenivasa Institute of Technology and Management Studies,Chittoor, AP.
10 Technical Seminar IETE 17.02.17 Pattern Recognition and Machine learning K.B.Sathya Research Scholar MIT Campus, Chennai
11 Technical Workshop IIT 30.01.17 to 04.02.17 “'CMOS, Mixed Signal and Radio Frequency VLSI Design” T.K.Bhattacharya, Indrajit Chakrabarti and Dr.Mrigank Sharad, Department of ECE IIT Kharagpur.
12 National Seminar IEEE 28.01.17 Ethics in Peer-reviewed Research Publications Dr.R.Jayavel, Director-Centre for Research, Anna University, Chennai
13 Workshop IETE 29.11.16 & 30.11.16 Hands-on Training on Embedded System Design using Arduino Platform V.Senthilkumaran, AP/ECE Mahendra Engg. College, Namakkal
14 Project Contest IETE 23.09.16 Project Expo and Technical Events Dr.Muthuvinayagam Prof./EIE Mahendra Engg. College, Namakkal
15 Workshop IETE 19.08.16 & 20.08.16 Embedded System Design using PIC Microcontroller Dr.M.Kannan, Technical Consultant, Vaarahi Embedded (P) Ltd., Coimbatore
16 Technical Seminar IETE 12.09.16 Opportunities in Software Domain A.Santhoshkumar CEO - First Success Technologies, Salem
17 Workshop IETE 08.09.16 & 09.09.16 Hands on training on MSP430 Microcontroller Mr.C.Sathguru Ensemble Technologies,Erode.
18 Workshop IETE 30.07.16 Hands on training In Network Analyzer Mr.Saravana Prabu Application Engineer, SciTech technology,
19 Seminar IETE 22.07.16 Piezoelectric Nano Generators For Self Powered Nano devices Dr.C.Periyasamy, Assistant Professor, Department of ECE, Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur
20 Seminar IETE 19.07.16 Insight on Communication Networks Mr.A.Mahendran, Network Administrator, Livewire, Chennai
21 Guest lecture IETE 18.07.16 DSP and its Applications Dr.N.Malmurugan, Dean Academics, Mahendra College of Engineering, Salem
22 Seminar IEEE 12.07.16 Recent Advancements In Microwave Devices And Its Applications Prof.T.Senthil Vinayakam, Associate Professor/ECE, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore
23 Workshop ISTE 11.07.16 to 13.07.16 Industrial Electronics Mr.S.Sundara Moorthy Managing Director Sunshiv Electronic Solution, Coimbatore
24 Guest lecture IETE 28.06.16 Analog and Digital Communication Prof M. Raja Madasamy Assistant professor Department of Electronics Engineering, National Institute of Technology,Uttar khand
Events organized in the Academic Year 2015-2016
S.No. Type of Events Professional society Date Events Name Resource Person
1 Seminar IETE 25.05.16 Electric Circuits Mr.N.Shanmugasundaram
2 Conference IEEE 05.03.16 IEEE Conference on Emerging Devices and Smart Systems Dr.L.M.Patnaik
IISc., Bangalore
Dr.Sudeb Dasgupta
IIT, Roorkee
AU, Chennai
3 Workshop IEEE 04.03.16 Pre-Conference Workshop on IoT Dr.L.M.Patnaik
IISc., Bangalore
Dr.Sudeb Dasgupta
IIT, Roorkee
AU, Chennai
4 Project Contest IETE 26.02.16 Mini Project EXPO-2016 Dr.M.Suganthi
Mahendra College of Engineering, Salem
5 Seminar IETE 24.02.16 Digital Image Processing Dr. T.Balakumaran,
Coimbatore institute of Technology, Coimbatore
6 Hardware Design Contest IEEE 23.02.16 IEEE Collegiate Circuits Design Contest-2016 Mr.Dhanapal,
Mangla Smart Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd., CBE Mr.S.B.Nagasudan,
Chief Technical Officer, Raana Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd., Hosur
7 Workshop IETE 10.02.16
Electronic Project Design &
Chairman, IETE Erode Sub Center
Gurudev Engineering and Equipments Service, Erode
8 Seminar IETE 10.02.16 Higher Education Opportunities for Engineering Graduates A.M.Rupan B.E, MBA
Inside Sales Manager
Simplilearn Solutions, Bengaluru
9 Workshop IETE 05.02.16 Current Awareness in Embedded Hardware Design for Engineering Students Er.Hari Pratap Reedy
Managing Director,
Green Tree Software Solutions, Chennai
10 Seminar IETE 22.01.16 Road Map for Software Industry Mr.R.Pradeep Chandra Kumar
Senior Software Engineer,
CTS, Chennai
11 Workshop ISTE 21.01.16 Arduino Uno-ATMEGA Processor Dr. Vimalathithan Rathinasabapathy, Young Researcher, Post Doctoral Research Fellow at SIGNET, Department of Information,
University of Padova, Italy
12 Seminar IETE 08.01.16 How to choose your carrier on smarter way Mr.M.Sridharan
Testing Engg,
DELL internet Services, Chennai
13 Guest Lecture IETE 04.01.16 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Mr.K.Saravana Kumar
Mahendra College of Engineering ,Salem
14 Seminar IETE 25.11.15 Electron Devices and Circuits Mr.V.Senthilkumaran,
15 Seminar IETE 13.11.15 Understanding the basic of VLSI Dr.N.Viswanathan
16 Seminar IETE 02.11.15 Microprocessor and Microcontroller Mr.N.Shanmugasundaram
K.Saravana Kumar
17 Technical seminar ISTE 18.09.15 “Intellectual Property Rights". Dr. Kantha Babu,Director - Center for Intellectual Property Rights (CIPR), Anna University, Chennai.
18 Seminar IETE 10.09.15 Applications of Digital Signal Processing Mr.Moorthi Kanagaraj
Production Manager
Enthu Tech., Coimbatore
19 Workshop IETE 10.09.15 Computer Hardware & Troubleshooting Prof.V.Senthilkumaran
Mahendra Engg. College
20 Seminar IETE 08.09.15 Advances in Digital Image processing Dr.S.Mohamed Mansoor Roomi
Thaigarajar College of Engineering,Madurai
21 Seminar IETE 28.08.15 Opportunities and Challenges in Electronics Industries Mr.Arvind Shanmugham
IT Analyst
Caterpillar India Pvt. Ltd.,
22 Guest Lecture ISTE 26.08.15 Digital water marking research in the last six decades Dr.Namuduri Vyaghrewara Rao,Professor,CVR College of Engineering, Hyderabad
23 Workshop IETE 25.08.15 Practical Electronics Mr.E.Rajasekar
Technical Head, Raana
Power Solutions, Salem
24 Workshop IETE 08.08.15 Hands on Training on DSO Mr.Rajkumar
Technical Chief
Key sight Technologies, Chennai
25 Workshop IETE 05.08.15
Intel Intelligent Lab Mr. Raghav Ankur and
Ms. Yamini Shali,
Technical Manager.
26 Seminar IEEE 25.07.15 MEMS / NEMS: present & Future Technologies Dr.R.Joseph Daniel,
NP-Mass MEMS Design Centre,
Annamalai University
Department of E&I,
Annamalai University
Dr.Deepak Mathur,
DGM, ONGC Ltd., Gujarat & IEEE India Council Chair
27 Workshop NIELIT 03.07.15 Digital India : A Programme to Transform India into a Digitally Empowered Society and Knowledge Economy Shri.S.Thangavel
Dy. General Manager(CM),
BSNL, Salem
Scientist-C, NIELIT, Chennai
Events organized in the Academic Year 2014-2015
S.No. Type of Events Professional society Date Events Name Resource Person
1 National Conference IETE 17.04.15 Modern Communication and Embedded Systems
Associate Professor/ECE
Thaigarajar College of Engineering, Madurai,
2 Contest IETE 09.04.15 Mini Project Department
Technical Contest
Associate. Prof/EEE
Mahendra Engineering College, Namakkal
3 Workshop IETE 12.03.15 VLSI Design using Verilog Mr.V.Senthilkumaran,
Mahendra Engineering College, Namakkal
4 Workshop ISTE 22.12.14 Alteta Quartus-II Simulator Mr. S.P.Ramanathan,
Vice President, Enixs Technology,
5 Seminar IETE 21.11.14 Understanding the Basic of Digital Electronics and HDL Dr.N.Viswanathan,
Mrs.T.Loganayagi, AP/ECE,MEC
Ms.G.Niramala ,AP/ECE,MIT
6 Hardware Design Contest IEEE 10.10.14 IEEE Collegiate Circuits Design Contest-2014 Dr.N.Mohan Kumar, Chairman IEEE, EDS Madras Chapter
Prof & Head/ECE
Sona College of Tech,
7 Seminar IETE 26.09.14 Opportunities in Bank Mr.S.Prabhakaran
Assistant Manager in Axis Bank, Chennai
8 FDP NIELIT 16.09.14 to 20.09.14 "Embedded Systems- Arduino Platform” Dr.V.Krishnamurthy
Director I/C
J.R.Suresh Babu, Scientist ‘B’
9 Workshop IETE 12.09.14 PSPICE Simulation Tool Mr.M.Dhilip Kumar, Senior Project Engineer, Mr.P.Balakrishnan Embedded Engineer,
Raana Power Solutions, Salem
10 Guest Lecture IETE 10.09.14 Opportunities in core industry Mr.A.K.Mohammed Azad
CEO Reach Information & Communication System,
11 TI Contest
(College Level)
IETE 10.09.14 India Analog Maker Contest-2014 D.Chitra
Mahendra Engineering College,Namakkal
12 Guest Lecture IETE 08.09.14 Employment Opportunities in IT sector S.K.Ajay Kumar
SAS Programmer
Icon Clinical Research, Chennai
13 Technical Seminar IETE 07.09.14 SAS Program Mr.S.K.Ajay Kumar
(2008 -2012)
SAS programmer in Icon Clinical Research, Chennai
14 Guest Lecture IEEE 05.09.14 Competency Development through Academic Project Work - Passport to Employability Enhancement & Electronic systems Level Design and Engineering Prof.K.Jayaraman,
University Outreach Program,
Maxim Integrated
15 Seminar IETE 21.08.14 Opportunities in IT sector Mr.A.Mohammed Anees
Wipro Technologies, Chennai
16 Workshop IETE 06.08.14 ARM Processor and its Interfacing Dr.S.Vasantharathna
Professor & Head/EEE,
Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, TamilNadu, India
Assistant Professor/EEE
Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, TamilNadu, India
17 Workshop IEEE 14.07.14 Nano Electronic Device Modeling Prof.Dr.C.K.Sarkar, Professor,
Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Professor, ECE,
Karunya University, Coimbatore
professor, ECE, SASTRA University, Thanjavur

IEEE Conference

  • IEEE Conference on Emerging Devices and Smart Systems – ICEDSS 2016 held during 04 & 05 March 2016
  • IEEE Conference on Emerging Devices and Smart Systems – ICEDSS 2017 held during 03 and 04 March 2017
  • IEEE Conference on Emerging Devices and Smart Systems -. ICEDSS 2018 will be held during 02 & 03 Mar 2018


Academic research activities in last three academic years 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-2017

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is approved as Research Centre by Anna University, Chennai (Code: 4260907) for carryout research activities in various domains

Number of research publications of the faculty members

  • Academic Year 2014-2015 : 53
  • Academic Year 2015-2016 : 60
  • Academic Year 2016-2017 : 68

Faculty members guiding Ph.D. research scholars

S.No Name Area of Specialization Number of Research scholars
Progress Awarded
1 Dr.R.Samson Ravindran Biomedical Engineering 3 7
2 Dr.N.Viswanathan VLSI - NOC 4 -
3 Dr.M.N. Shanmukha Swamy Digital Communication 5 2
4 Dr.V.Ellappan Image Processing 4 -
5 Dr.N.Parasuram Image Processing Instrument and Control 2 -

List of Faculty Members Pursuing Ph.D

S. No. Name of the faculty Specialization University
1 Mrs. D.Chitra Communication Networks Anna University
2 Mrs.S.Saraswathi Image Processing Anna University
3 Mr. V.Senthilkumaran Low power VLSI Anna University
4 Mr. R.Mothi Image Processing Anna University
5 Mrs. P. Bala Shanmugavadivu Image Processing Anna University

Faculty members to whom Ph.D. Degree awarded during the last three academic years 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-2017

  • Dr.N.Viswanathan – Academic year 2014-15
  • Dr.N.Shanmugasundaram - Academic year 2015-16
  • Dr.V.Ellappan - Academic year 2015-16
  • Dr.R.Vijayakumar- Academic year 2016-17
  • Dr.K.Manivel- Academic year 2016-17

Sponsored Research in last three academic years:

Name of the Teacher Title of the Project Funding Agencies Amount Sanction
1 Dr.N.Shanmugasundaram Fund for improvement of S&T infrastructure in universities & higher education institutions Department of Science & Technology 1921000
2 Dr.K.Manivel
Automatic unmanned railway gate operator using fuzzy controller Raana Power Solutios,
3 Dr.R.Vijayakumar
Unmanned water pouring robot for wall Raana Power Solutios,
4 Dr.R.Vijayakumar
Industrial Pollution Monitor Based on Internet of things Raana Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd. Hosur 133500
5 Dr.K.Manivel
Ultrasound Based Repellent for Elephants Raana Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd. Hosur 151000
6 Dr.N.Viswanathan
Multi-Channel Programmable Industrial Data Acquisition and Processing System with Periodical SMS Alert Vee Eee Technologies Solution Pvt.  Chennai 264000
7 Mr.V.Senthilkumaran
Smart Motion Sensing Shoes Designed for Diabetic Patients SM Micro System,
8 Dr.N.Shanmugasundaram
Handheld All in One Electronic Digital Transaction Card Replacing the Present Multi Card Scenario Based on NFC Pantech Prolabs India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai 193000
9 Mr.V.Ellappan
Measurement and Experiments Performed with Handheld Assistant Device with USB Connectivity Lakman Electronics,

       Total  (Rs.)


Product Developed during the last three academic years 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-2017

S. No. Project Title Status (Completed/In progress) Number of faculty involved


1 Railway Track Pedestrian Crossing Without using Staircase Completed 2
2 Web Based Remote Test Solution Completed 3
3 Agribot for Automatic Seed Sprayer using Microcontroller Completed 4
4 Electric Shock Prevention for Human Safety Using Embedded System Completed 2


1 Panic Alert System For Women’s Safety Completed 3
2 Wireless Electricity Transmission for House Hold Devices Completed 2
3 Automatic Infant Incubator Using Pic Microcontroller Completed 3
4 Switching Algorithm And Cell Dynamics for Battery Packs using Multi-FINFET with Reduced Leakage Current Completed 2


1 Implementation of Speech And Music Discriminator Using MATLAB Completed 3
2 An Approach For Robust Recognition System For IRIS Completed 3
3 Performance Analysis Of WDM System Using EDFA Completed 2

Consultancy work completed in last five academic years:

Project Title Funding Agency / Industries Amount received (in Rupees)
1 Automatic unmanned railway gate operator using fuzzy controller Raana Power Solutios, Hosur 211500
2 Unmanned water pouring robot for wall Raana Power Solutios, Hosur 235000
3 Industrial Pollution Monitor Based on Internet of things Raana Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd. Hosur 133500
4 Ultrasound Based Repellent for Elephants Raana Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd. Hosur 151000
5 Multi-Channel Programmable Industrial Data Acquisition and Processing System with Periodical SMS Alert Vee Eee Technologies Solution Pvt.  Chennai 264000
6 Smart Motion Sensing Shoes Designed for Diabetic Patients SM Micro System, Chennai 236000
7 Handheld All in One Electronic Digital Transaction Card Replacing the Present Multi Card Scenario Based on NFC Pantech Prolabs India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai 193000
8 Measurement and Experiments Performed with Handheld Assistant Device with USB Connectivity Lakman Electronics, Chennai 74,650


Memorandum of Understanding signed during last three academic years 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-2017

S.No. Name of organization Domain / Area of Activities Contribution Activities & Outcome
1 RX Digi Health platform Pvt.Ltd Medical electronics Permitting the students to undergo in plant training and project guidance Training, Placement and Project development
2 Mangala Smart Energy Solutions Private Ltd. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Solutions Technical Training Opportunities are provided to the students to learn renewable energy sources
3 ECIL(Arvin Varsity, Chennai) Embedded systems Training Students are trained in the field of Robotics to meet the needs of industries
4 INTEL- FICE Embedded Systems Technical Training Students and Faculty members are provided an opportunity to expertise in IOT based real time projects in Intel-Galileo Arduino Platform
5 Texas Instrument(TI) Analog Integrated circuits Technical Training Students are trained on analog integrated circuits and its various applications. National level technical contests are conducted frequently
6 Livewire-Salem PSPICE Training Students are provided in house training Students are trained on the basics of EDA tools like PSPICE , Layout Design and they are practiced to design real-time products
7 Mecton Training& Technical Services Private Ltd. Automation Technical Training Placement opportunities are provided to the students to work in gulf countries
8 Coimbatore District Small Industries Association
(CODISSIA), Coimbatore
Electronics and automation product development and training Training and Placement Students are permitted to take part in various technical fairs conducted by CODISSIA, Coimbatore
Permitting and guiding the students to do projects in CODISSIA membership companies.
9 Sunshiv Electronics-Coimbatore PCB design In-plant training and PCB Design Training and Consultancy work Students are trained in basic electronics and circuit design
10 National Instruments, Bangalore Signal Conditioning Students are provided in house training throughout the year Seminars ,Workshops, awareness programmes, short-term refresher courses and training for appearing Certified LABVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) examinations


Department of Electronics and communication engineering

Mahendra Engineering College (Autonomous),

Salem- Thiruchengode Highway, Mahendhirapuri,



Phone: 04288-238587,

E-Mail id: hodece@mahendra.info